About Us

We are people, helping people

We’re a technology company. We’re a shoulder to cry on. We’re professionals with real answers. We are a community where members have the opportunity to get wayy more. We are not a bank or in any way affiliated with any state or federal government entity, we’re just people helping people.

  • Customer Service 100%
  • Technology 90%
  • Team Work 100%

We take care of all of the heavy lifting

We take financial health to the next level by bringing together money management, career management and special offers all in one single, easy to use, cloud service.

We stand for you

We believe in simplicity and making your life a heck of a lot easier from day one. Just having access to all the Worthyy offerings creates a sense of control you didn’t know you could have. We believe in reducing the amount of time and tools it takes to manage your financial life and get ahead.

You have nothing to lose except that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach every month